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        Outsourced IT Support

        Outsourced IT Support

        Here at Evolvit, we provide three levels of out of hours 24/7 support for our clients in Bristol and the South West.

        Database Development

        Database Development

        Tailormade business applications and websites using Filemaker, Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Javascript.

        Business Broadband

        Business Connectivity

        Quick and efficient internet connectivity for communication, transfer of large files, daily processes and operations.

        Outsourced IT services in Bristol

        Why Choose Evolvit?

        Here at Evolvit, we have been providing strategic outsourced IT services to businesses in Bristol, the South West & Wales for nearly twenty years.

        What makes us different? Perhaps reading our testimonials and reviews will explain better than we can, we are trusted, experienced, knowledgeable and more than anything else our customer retention over the last 10 years is 99%.

        The benefit we bring to you and your business is to have all of your IT services managed from one place, with one point of contact, just like your very own IT department but without all the costs. We will align all your domains, hosting, connectivity and support in one place. Our IT contracts and service level agreements (SLA) can also cover your hardware warranties and small software developments. We will handle third-party support contracts for you, so you only have one place to contact in the secure knowledge that your IT problem is going to be solved in a timely manner.

        Although based in Bristol we have clients all over the UK, including Cardiff and Weston-Super-Mare and with 95% of our support being resolved remotely it really does not matter where your business is based.

        Case Studies


        Migrate from in House IT to EvolvIT

        Moving away from an in house IT solution to an outsourced one

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        Migration to 365

        Migration to Cloud based solutions such as 365 and away from SBS.

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        Plant-ex Ingredients Ltd

        Migrating on premises servers to our Hosted solution.

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        Project Maintenance

        Project Maintenance

        Small office network setup, computer support and broadband installation.

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        Evolvit Blog

        IT Support and Remote Work

        8th June 2022

        36% of working adults in the UK have reported working from home at least once, as of the National Statistics Office report for January 2022. Of those currently working at home, 85% want a hybrid work model where they can work at home or in the office in the future. 

        YouGov reinforces the sentiment, with their survey showing that 57% of British workers expressed the desire to continue being able to work from home after the pandemic.?

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        Breach In The Perimeter: Top Reasons For Firewall Failure

        5th May 2022

        A firewall is fundamental to securing a network from cyberattacks. It prevents any unwanted access from external sources, blocking malware and illegal activity that could compromise and even shut down an organisation. In this day and age where cybercrime has increased dramatically by 600% since the start of the pandemic, having a firewall reaches the barest minimum standard in cybersecurity.

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        Making the Switch: Pros and Cons of VoIP

        29th April 2022

        In the UK, telecommunications is on the verge of entering its next phase. In the process, leaving landline telephones behind. Back home, millions have already cut cables. Only half as many people use landline services compared to seven years ago.

        This change in behaviour has major implications for businesses, small and large enterprises alike. When you can reach the majority of consumers only through the Internet, does paying for landline connections still make business sense?

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